Benefits for Postdoctoral Fellows

General Benefits

Benefits updates in 2022:
  • 3% economic increases over three years (1% per year) effective May 1, 2022
  • Increases to the salary floor from $36,293 to $37,393 over three years effective May 1, 2022
  • Expansion of the use of the Professional Development Fund (PDF) to include reimbursement of costs of equipment and materials required for the performance of postdocs’ duties effective May 1, 2022. Note that the PDF amount has been increased to $2,000 per annum
  • Ability to maintain your Carleton email account for 12 months after the end of your appointment
  • Religious observance leave: postdocs may now come to an agreement with their supervisor to rearrange their work in order to observe religious holidays
  • Creation of five Postdoctoral Fellowship Research Awards of $1,350 each
  • Expansion of the Canada Life Postdoctoral Fellow Benefits Plan to include coverage for services from a wider range of mental health care providers
Benefits introduced in the previous collective agreements:
  • Free campus gym membership effective February 1, 2019
  • Lower health care premium cost for the Canada Life (formerly Great-West Life) Postdoctoral Fellow Benefits Plan (employer now covers 70% of the premium) effective May 1, 2019
  • Improved health, vision and dental benefits associated with the Canada Life (formerly Great-West Life) Postdoctoral Fellow Benefits Plan effective May 1, 2019
  • Professional Development Fund effective May 1, 2018
  • Tuition waiver for 1 semester class per academic year
  • 8% salary increase over 4 years (2% effective May 1, 2018, 2% effective May 1, 2019, 2% effective May 1, 2020, 2% effective May 1, 2021)
  • Salary floor increased to $34,200 effective May 1, 2018

Professional Development Fund Criteria Guidelines for PSAC Local 77000 

Article 13.06 of the PSAC Local 77000 Collective Agreement with the University provides for a Professional Development Fund (PDF) for postdoctoral fellows to support research-related professional development activities, including reimbursing the cost of equipment and materials required for the performance of postdoctoral fellows’ duties and responsibilities, which are not provided by their supervisor or the University.



Applicants must demonstrate that their application meets one or more of the following criteria:

• Improves research and research management competencies (e.g., reimbursement for online courses excluding ancillary fees incurred when taking a course at Carleton University, publication expenses related to professional development, and membership in professional associations).

• Improves supervisory competencies (e.g., attending workshops related to professional development that is directly related to your role as a postdoctoral fellow at Carleton University).

•  Allows for presentation or attendance with an active role at conferences related to a postdoctoral fellow’s research area (e.g., being an attendee or chair of a conference session).

• Allows networking at conferences related to a postdoctoral fellow’s research area (i.e., establishing research collaborations, the potential for new postdoctoral fellows, hiring).




Applicants must provide the following to support their applications for reimbursement:

• Original receipts must be provided in all instances to obtain reimbursement.

• In cases of travel, you must provide boarding passes as proof of travel.




The PDF is administered by the Joint Committee for the Administration of the Agreement (JCAA), which is jointly managed by the University and the Union. The maximum amount for reimbursement is $2,000 in the calendar year ending April 30 of each year. All applications are subject to approval by the University. Please note that applications must be submitted by April 15 to be considered within the same year.



Postdoctoral fellows apply using the application form Professional Development Fund (pdf format).

Fill out the application form and outline how the expenses meet the criteria for reimbursement under the PDF. Then, you need to email the completed form to the Union (email: jcaa.psac77000 (at) Note that you need to get your supervisor’s signature on the PDF form only if you plan on using the PDF to purchase equipment and/or materials necessary for the performance of your duties as a postdoctoral scholar.

Your application will be reviewed within 30 days once submitted to the Union. Once approved, the Union will provide the applicant with the approved form and instructions to obtain reimbursement.


Purchasing Option

Any equipment or materials reimbursed via the PDF remain the property of the University. At the end of a postdoctoral fellow’s appointment at Carleton, postdoctoral fellows must return equipment and materials to their supervisor, unless they wish to purchase the equipment or materials from Carleton. Any purchase price for equipment or materials reimbursed via the PDF shall be at a fair market value determined by Carleton and shall comply with the University’s policies and procedures.

If you wish to purchase such equipment or materials from the University, contact Procurement Services (email: procurementservices (at) before the end of your postdoctoral fellow appointment.



If you have any questions, please contact:

• Giuseppe Amatulli, Chair, JCAA (email: jcaa.psac77000 (at); or
• Bana Al Tahir, Academic Relations Coordinator (email: banaaltahir (at)

Carleton University Tuition Waiver

Article 13.05 of the Collective Agreement between Carleton University and PSAC Local 77000 provides for a tuition waiver for postdoctoral fellows employed at Carleton University for up to 0.5 credit courses at Carleton University per academic year. The academic year begins on September 1 of one calendar year and ends on August 31 of the following calendar year and is divided into three terms: Fall term (September–December), Winter term (January–April), and Summer term (May–August). The tuition waiver may be applied to courses at either graduate or undergraduate level.



To apply for the tuition waiver:

1) Choose a course you’d like to enroll in.

2) If you do not currently hold any kind of student status (most Postdoctoral Fellows do not have a student status, either full-time or part-time), then please contact the Registrar’s Office by email in order to (a) request a “Special Student” status and (b) inform them about the course which you wish to register for. Their contact information is listed at Note: There is a fee associated with this request.

3) After the Registrar’s Office approves your “Special Student” status, they will send you instructions on how to register for the course on Carleton Central.

4) Once you have registered for the course, check the amount due to be paid on Carleton Central. The tuition waiver ONLY covers the fee for a 0.5 credit course. You will have to pay other related dues listed in your account balance out of pocket.

5) Download, print, and fill out the Postdoctoral Fellow Tuition Waiver form up to section C.

6) Bring the paper form to the Registrar’s Office at 300 Tory Building (open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) in order to obtain verification signature (section D) .

7) Submit the completed paper form in person to Human Resources, 507 Robertson Hall; or by email to PSAC 77000 members can reach out to Human Resources for assistance or queries regarding the tuition waiver program.

Important Notes:

Note that if you want to register in French language courses, you will be required to take the French Placement Test on Carleton Central.

For further information email jcaa.psac77000 (at)