Postdoc Orientation Day, November 25th, 12pm

Published on Nov 24, 2020 @ 6:52PM est

Postdoc Orientation is a joint orientation meeting organized by the Office of the Deputy Provost and CUPU. This is a great opportunity to get some useful information about your PDF appointment, address direct questions to the Depuy Provost, PDF Coordinator, Union Executives and meet (virtually, this time) new fellow postdocs!


1) Introduction and greetings from PDF Coordinator (Alyssa)

2) Brief introduction from Dean of FGPA (Patrice)

3) Brief introduction from Deputy Provost (Lorraine)

4) Discussion of campus cards, health insurance and benefits

5) Brief presentation regarding professional development from David and Karim

6) Immigration, renewals and extensions, and key articles of collective agreement

7) Presentation from PSAC Local 77000

8) Q & A


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