Employee Issues

An important part of membership in a union is to have a place to turn to when something goes bad at work. Unlike HR or your advisor, the union exists to advocate on your behalf. This can be a safety concern, suspicion of harassment or discrimination, or anything that might not be right. In general, you are covered by Federal and Provincial Labor law, AND by your collective bargaining agreement (links below). Even if you are unfamiliar or unsure, you can easily contact someone at the union about your situation.

The best approach is to first contact our PSAC Regional Representative (Caroline B├ędard email: BedardC@psac-afpc.com ), to discuss any issues further. Our Representative is knowledgeable about common workplace issues and conflicts and can help you understand your situation and what might be done further. This is her job, and part of why we pay dues to PSAC. Discussions can be discreet and discussing certainly does not constitute any formal action on your behalf.

The executive, namely the president and VP, would like to be kept informed about any issues, and would like to be at least aware of our membership's well-being, so please include us as well, though we are more than happy to recognize that these issues might be best kept to the fewest people as possible. Finally, you can also come to us directly: the President and VP are happy to engage discreetly and privately with your concerns.

With specific regards to safety issues, the Union has a seat on the Joint Health and Safety Committee at Carleton, and safety issues can also be directed to our seated member (see the executive list). Though beyond specific conditions on the part of the person presenting the issue, any health and safety issues will probably be coordinated with Caroline and PSAC, as PSAC employs experts in workplace health and safety.

Collective Agreement